Dear Taco lovers,

I started this blog in 2006 hoping to make a documented series about the best tacos in Los Angeles. In my fearless mission, I have documented hidden jems, taco stands, food trucks and other “Taco Diaries”. I couldn’t do it without my partners in savory delight Jordanna & Ortiz.

Tell us, we want to know, what is YOUR favorite taco place?
My favorite tacos are: nopales, guisados, and gringas but I’m open to other types.
If you can’t live without them, send me your recommendations so we can share it.
Trucks, stands, hole in the wall, cantinas, even restaurants, ALL apply.

Buen provecho,

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  1. If you would please check out my website and my few yelp reviews……tell me what you think of my site and how to improve it …Thanks

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