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Don Chuy’s Restaurant, West Los Angeles

Dear Diary,

I’m still full from my 3 tacos at Don Chuy’s.  I went with E3 and enjoyed a good beer.

I ordered 1 Asada, 1 Al Pastor and 1 Chorizo, she ordered the Enchiladas Poblanas and while we waited they gave us Pico de Gallo and it was so yummy!  It tasted like home, but then again the owner is from Leon, Guanajuato and my mom is from Celaya which is like an hour away, so the food would be similar.

The Pico de Gallo tasted fresh with lots of lemon but I can tell they used pickeled peppers (chiles en minagre).  The red salsa was spicy, but not my watery like usually.  I like my salsas with texture.  Their molcajete (roasted & grinded) salsa was good, thick and spicy!

The tortillas here tasted ok and are handmade but too thick and big for my taste.  And my favorite meats here are in order…  Chorizo, Al Pastor & Asada.  The Chorizo and Al Pastor tasted similar, more like Chorizo than anything really.  Al Pastor is best done estilo Michoacan.  The Asada was not very tasty.

I’ll go back, but not for the tacos.  The nopales, beans and service was good.  I should try other dishes…    The Enchiladas were ok.

Taco Tip!
If you do enjoy a good Taco de Chorizo, then head over there on Taco Tuesdays for 99 cent tacos!

11707 Washington Place West Los Angeles, Ca 90064


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