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Cycling Safety

Dear Diary,

When I decided to go to my ex’s birthday party, I knew I wanted to make a good impression. I wanted to be mature, caring and reasonable. In the city of Angeles that translated to good tacos, true friendship and bicycle safety.

Choosing what to wear was a challenge because I had my heart set on riding my bike since the party was so close and I was trying really hard to be conscience of my commuting. The question was, “Do I wear something comfortable or something cute?” If you had asked me that in 2002, I would have said “comfortable”. But over the years I have, with the help of all the crazy women in my life, been putting more effort into being feminine.

So I decided to wear something cute with comfortable shoes. Reasonable I thought in the world of fashion influenced cycling. I was cutting edge. But instead what I decided to wear eventually left me half naked on the sidewalk of Centinela Avenue and Washington Place with my lovely dress wrapped and tangled into my back tire. There I was in broad daylight pulling my dress out of my bike in my primary blue tube top and neutral granny panties. I didn’t look up to see a teenage boy and his dad in the car pulling out across the street or the woman watering her front yard until after I put my dress back on. She was nice enough to ask if I was OK… I laughed, shook it off and said yes.

Most mature reasonable people would of gone back home and changed into something else at this point since I was only half way there but, not me. I opted to tie some knots in my dress and felt confident about moving forward to the party. Good times and tacos were full steam ahead; I just needed to keep my clothes on. So I show up flustered from the bike ride and the incident to open arms. I started greeting everyone and next thing you know I’m holding a margarita and telling my story. And then the kicker… I begin walking up the stairs and a true friend whispers in my ear… “There’s a hole in your dress”.

I have really done it this time… Universe I am your fool. What was I thinking! Maturity and reason were far from my reality. The only thing I could do was submit to my ridiculous predicament and swallow my pride. That’s when I knew I was in a Woody Allen film. I wasn’t trying to call attention to myself, I wanted to ride my bike for all the good reasons and wear something cute to spin my world upside down.

The word embarrassing is a buffet of uncomfortable humor. The possibilities are endless but the opportunity rare. Lucy Ricardo was on my shoulder pushing me to the limit, “There’s no turning back now Lampshade girl. It’s all or nothing.” After another margarita and a few silly ways of hiding the hole in the back of my dress, I stopped caring and started having fun.

The tacos were a godsend, literally. My ex is cool and everything but the truth is… I’m just like my mother, I went for the food. The food was a delicious fusion of meats and sauces elaborated none other than by the Takosher king himself, Mr. Lowell Bernstein. I remember my first food moment fondly because when I tried the tangy red salsa, I described it to a T. It was fresh, sour, thick and not too spicy. It reminded me of the house salsa at El Pollo Loco and Tito’s Tacos but better! Then I found out the food was so delicious it came with good news. When I realized I didn’t have to wait for another party to relish in kosher tacos again I was ecstatic because my friend was going public!


La Carne Beef and The Chosen Chicken

Takosher is now the first 100% glatt kosher taco truck serving 5 specialty tacos: The Original Brisketaco (Slow Cooked Specialty), La Carne Beef, The Original Latketaco (Crispy Potato Blend), The Chosen Chicken and Fujitas (Fajita Tofu). My favorites are the steak tacos with their juicy tenderness and tangy kick. If you like’em hot just ask for their spicy red salsa and you might want to hug the cook like me! They take their certification very seriously and even have a sink to wash up. It is 100% too legit to quit. Thank goodness for another respectable taco place that can represent the Westside! The official taco tasting followed and now they are well on their way to mobile food success.

When the night fell, I gave the bike a break and hitched a ride with my best Fufi friend. But the opportunity to enjoy comedy, tacos and friends duro y directo desde la cocina is a blessing. Lejaim Lahaim (A La Vida, Por La Vida, Para La Vida)!

– I followed the Takosher taco truck to Pico and Doheny, for more info visit takosher.com, on Twitter @takosher, or on Facebook.


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Free Hugs

Dear Diary,

Last night I gave free hugs to show my luv for the arts.. Musician/Composer/Singer/Songwriter Pilar Diaz is on a mission to go to the “Viva la Cancion” music festival with her crew Gloria and Tony.  This will be an opportunity for Los Angeles Latinos to give Madrid some flavor and to participate in a relief support in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Chile.  Pilar will be sharing the stage with Javiera Mena, Julio De La Rosa, Gabo, Gepe, Chinoy, and others yet to be announced.  The Eastside Luv Vino y Queso bar in Boyle Heights hosted a fundraiser for this event last night that sold out the venue and had everyone dancing the night away to three of my favorite acts today: La Santa Cecilia, Pilar Diaz and Conjunto Nueva Ola.  La Santa Cecilia was the first to take the stage with guitar solos by La Santa Gloria, our kickstarter recipient, while front woman Marisoul shimmied her way up and down the bar/stage, wooing her way to the dance pole for a song and spin.  I love women that rock!  They almost closed their set with a rendition of “Pump Up The Jam” by Salt n Peppa that fed the crowd for more…  La Santa Cecilia delivered.

In the intermission, the Lousy Bunch made sure FREE HUGS were distributed, which gave me the opportunity to meet some of my facebook friends.  Joseph Perez drove up from the OC to the bar for the first time to claim his free hug.  He was extremely happy to be there and couldn’t wait for Pilar to hit the stage.

Once she surfaced, we all knew we were in for a treat.  A treat for our eyes and ears that has been a work in progress for about a decade.  At least that’s how long I’ve been following her music journey, thanks in part to my LATV experience.  She started with lucky number 13, Friday the 13th that is.  As I watched her light up the stage with her song and dance performance, I couldn’t help imagining it all happening in Madrid for them.  It was inspiring to say the least.  I wish I could go.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, a bunch of masked hooligans take over the stage… When Conjunto Nueva Ola shows their luv, it’s overwhelming.  Part comedy, part music, ALL show!  I had flashbacks of things that never happened because I’ve never heard a Devo cumbia before, but it made sense.  All my senses were dancing, singing and screaming “No te metas con mi cucu” and other favorites.  Puro pinche pari!  They hit the scene straight out of a Mexico City Quinceanera on roller skates and bedazzled lucha libre masks!

You can imagine how hungry I was after all this action!  I had a pre and post show taco experience in East LA and Mid City.  The first was with las Hermanas Torres on the corner of E. 1st and S. Breed St.  The taco truck is open from 4-11:45 pm in two locations and accepts phone orders (323) 401-9847.  They operate Thursday thru Sunday.  They set up on the corner of E. 3rd St and S. Breed St. from 4-6:30 pm and on E. 1st St and S. Breed St from 6:30 pm – 11:45 pm.  I enjoyed 2 tacos,  carne asada and al pastor.  I knew it was going to be good when I tried their cucumber salad: a combination of onion, lemon juice and herbs.  I tried the brown salsa and pico de gallo but I had to eat on the run to make it early to the show.  Eastside Luv can fill up fast and having a good seat makes a big difference.  On our way to the venue, we also made a booze stop for a rare rum that my friend had to get his hands on.  That’s where I bought the worst kind of beer I’ve ever had.  Piraat Ale is a strong Belgiam ale that put some hairs on my chest.  I poured it out before I started talking like a pirate.

The second taco stop was after the show near one of my drop off locations… Yes kids, we carpool, you should too.  Tacos Leo on Venice and La Brea (323) 743-5207.  Again, I had a carne asada and al pastor double take.  And oh my goodness… I got some pineapple with my al pastor which is an authentic combination straight out of Michoacan!  Everything was delicious until I topped my taco with a red sauce that turned out to be chipotle.  I am not a fan of chipotle.  The taste of roasted jalapenos is just too powerful and unfortunately doesn’t work for my palette.  I’m hoping to work on it but the tacos were stellar regardless.  I will be back.

I hope Pilar and her crew make their goal and take Madrid by storm.

Show the luv, it’s contagious.


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Wii Carnitas

Two many patterns & palettes!

Two many patterns & palettes!

Spending time with peers over good food and playing games never gets old.  Especially when forces of nature like MY friends come together in a tournament.  Competitive, determined, and outrageous!  You gotta love ’em!  This time the occasion was Adam’s birthday, the game was Wii Tennis and the food was of course… TACOS!  The options were/de carnitas (pork), rez deshebrada (shredded beef), and ground turkey & chicken (pavo molido y pollo) with chipotle.  The delicious meats were wrapped in single tiny street taco tortillas.  They were accompanied by your choice of tomatillo (green tomato) green sauce (mild-medium spicy), chunky creamy red tomato sauce (mild-medium) and guacamole (mild).  Hey it had to be non-Latin friendly spicy for the neighbors, but as long as the salsa is tasty, I don’t mind if its not spicy.  Tangy… I live for tang!  My favorite were the carnitas. 

Unfortunately I did not make it past the first round of tennis but my teammate Karina and I did improve our game.  I blame it on the hookah not the stilettos.

Now I have to mention my new found respect for tortillas because I have already learned so much from the pre-Colombian History class I’m taking in my return to school with three intentions: 

1. To fulfill my GE requirements for the BA I have yet to finish…

2. To learn about my culture is fulfilling and motivating, that’s why I’ve decided to go on a backpacking trip through the mesoamerican jungle from Oaxaca to the Yucatan Peninsula.  Action and Adventure, here I come!

3. I started an art collective last summer inspired by theories revolving around the year 2012.  One of the theories is based on the archaeological findings of the mesoamerican tribes (Aztec and Mayan) that our era “as we know it will end” when our planet lines up with the Milky Way & the sun.  This sounds intimidating but our calendar ends on December 31st every year and all we do is party and get a hangover. Will something happen, who knows but it is intriguing, that is why we chose this theme.

So learning more about this civilization has been insightful and inspiring.  Especially when you as a taco lover find out that corn was a work progress… for over 7,000 years!  The process started between 5,000 – 12,000 BC.  Corn was a product of early agricultural experimentation, along with the famous Tomato, Squash and Bean.  I knew Corn was divine because not only does my family still cultivate it, I’ve studied and visited some of the ancient civilization already.

So next time you have a taco, think about how long it took mesoamericans to make the corn in your tortilla.  Cuz I think, that’s hot!

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Getting started

Hello hungry taco lovers!

I’m just getting started so be sure to come back soon for reviews and chisme on the best tacos around.

If you can’t wait I understand, so check out my current blog and add me to your myspace by visiting www.tacodiaries.com or myspace.com/tacodiaries.

Cheers until then and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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Hole Mole, Long Beach

Dear Diary,

Today was so fun!  I went to Que Sera to hangout with my friend la Fufi for her birthday!  We danced to 60s & 70s soul in the LBC!  It was so much fun!   We danced the night away and worked up a mighty appetite!  My taco lover friend Dulce and I drove around looking for a place to eat and stumbled on a primo taco place!  We tried going to the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles because I haven’t been there but were only offered to order take out, so that didn’t work.  Then we tried going to the Shoreline Café but it didn’t look open.  So we went to a place called Hole Mole that looked like they had tacos!  When we walked in, they tried to turn us away but I pleaded with the chef in Spanish that this was our 3rd attempt at trying to get food.  He folded and directed us towards the cashier lady.  Dulce and I promptly ordered 4 tacos de carne asada con todo for each.  Tony Too Sweet was a complete gentleman for sponsoring the meal and then we headed to the salsa bar!

We stoked up on spiciness, got our tacos and were on our way.  Except when we sat down on the back of Dulce’s truck there were no tacos in our box!  We were handed a Nacho Supreme order!  So I decided to put the cleavage to use again and made my way back inside.  The crew forgot to lock to the door, so I waltzed my tush right in but saw no one!  I followed the voices to the patio where they were sitting there smoking a bowl.  Que bonitos!  I excused myself to make my presence known and told them the nachos were good but we ordered tacos (followed by a puppy eye pout).  One of the guys jumped to his feet and was very apologetic.  I just wanted tacos, I told them, and I didn’t mean to rain on their party.  He understood so he made them on the spot!

Hooray!  Tacos make me happy!  So he served them up con todo: onions, cilantro, and hot sauce.  Since we were eating them outside, I asked for a tray instead of a to-go box and he was more than accommodative.

You could imagine the look on my friends face when he saw me I walking over with the tray of 8 tacos in my hand.  We sat down and chowed down!  They were so good!

If you are in Long Beach and need a late night taco delight, head over to Hole Mole.  They have 3 locations in Long Beach and 1 in Whittier.  I can only speak for the one on 4th Street which has convenient parking.  Mmm Wow!
Hole Mole Locations:
421 Obispo Avenue, Long Beach (562) 439-25551327
East 4th Street, Long Beach (562) 437-0878
5209 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach (562) 985-1005
12548 Washington, Whittier (562) 698-3187


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Vira El Taconocedor

Submission by Vira Lata of Los Abandoned on Tour!  Gracias Amore!

Y ahi estaba yo, a un lado del freeway 290 en una lluviosa pero tropical noche de Houston. Me recordo a mi pueblo natal de Guaynabo. En donde llueve todos los dias y el aire es ligero con hojas de platano que abanican el paisaje.
Todo estaba en su lugar, incluso como un oasis ante mis ojos sobresalia un letrero con luces de neon que leia “Taquerias Arandas” adornado por unas bonitas chivas en rebosante pose en ambos lados del rotulo. Dadas las circunstancias y el “vibe” se antojaba algo calientito, algo sustancioso por lo que al recorrer el menu por varios minutos me decidi por el caldo de res. Sin embargo la razon de esta nota es porque he sido escogido junto a mis companeros de trabajo para cumplir una mision, una asignacion que pretende cambiar el destino de todo comensal alrededor del mundo que guste de el arte taculinario, es decir, el arte culinario del mejor invento culinario de los inventos culinarios, si hago referencia al TACO por lo que con objetividad y profesionalismo hare llegar notas a la redaccion de Taco Diaries acerca de los mejores “Taco destinies” alrededor de la union americana.

Y despues de haber dado esta breve explicacion sobre la razon de estas lineas, regresare a el menu que se postraba en mis manos y del cual ya habia ordenado aquel caldo de res, pero por supuesto que mi orden no podia estar completa sin por lo menos ordenar un Taco, asi que para honrar a las chivas que rebosantes posaban en el anuncio que distinguia a el local me decidi por un Taco de Barbacoa o como se dice en mi natal pueblo de Tangamandapio “UN TACUACHE DE BARBACHAS”. No tardo mucho en llegar, como un huerfano llego solito en un plato redondito y sobre el, como mirando hacia el cielo, en una cama de doble de tortilla (de maiz, por supuesto) reposaba la jugosa barbacoa adornada con un paisaje verde y blanco de cilantro y cebolla respectivamente. Para completar la gama de colores, isignia induscutible de mi idiosincracia prosegui a aderezar con una salsa roja que aunque no era borracha (salsa boracha es tradicional y casi imprecindible en toda barbacoa) prometia buenos resultados. El limon y unos cuantos granos de sal fueron los toques finales. Como todo buen conocedor levante el plato y acerque el respectivo unos diez centimetros cerca de mis fosas nasales para corroborar el aroma, posteriormente tome ambos extremos de la tortilla y los junte de una manera firme esto para saber si la consistencia de la tortilla no sucumbe ante la jugosa y humeda carne de chivo.

La primera mordida me translado a mi hermoso pueblo natal de Texcoco, en donde la barbacoa no es solo la especialidad, es casi una religion, ya que la sepultan en hoyos de mas de 2 metros de profundidad y la cocinan a veces hasta por dos dias para que este lista el sabado en la manana, que es cuando llega un mar de gente procedentes de todos los rincones del planeta para degustar las delicias de mi Texcoco adorado.

La carne era suave y jugosa, la tortila era consistente y sabrosa y el paisaje de cilantro y cebolla fresco. Lo que no me convencio mucho fue la salsa, pero se les perdona. Cuantas veces se puede hablar bien de un lugar que tiene como logotipo la mascota del peor equipo de futbol mexicano “las Chivas”, yes I said it, so fucking what?

En fin, el taco de barbacoa de Taquerias arandas recibe tres chiles y medio

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Comida Latina Expo: Latin Food Convention

Dear Diary,

I am still recovering from the human sacrifice I did for my fellow taco lovers.  I put my life on the line to sample what was a ZOO of goodies.  I didn’t just stop at tacos, salsas, & tortillas.  I think the Pulque, Tequila & Mezcal did me in!

I tried
Soy Tortillas
Habanero Hot Sauces
Pistachio Cream Tequila
Mango Pulque
Kiwi Pulque
Sidral Mundet’s Green Apple
Microwaveable Tacos
Nachos & Cheese
Product details to come!

For more information click on the annual Latin Food Expo!

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