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Hole Mole, Long Beach

Dear Diary,

Today was so fun!  I went to Que Sera to hangout with my friend la Fufi for her birthday!  We danced to 60s & 70s soul in the LBC!  It was so much fun!   We danced the night away and worked up a mighty appetite!  My taco lover friend Dulce and I drove around looking for a place to eat and stumbled on a primo taco place!  We tried going to the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles because I haven’t been there but were only offered to order take out, so that didn’t work.  Then we tried going to the Shoreline Café but it didn’t look open.  So we went to a place called Hole Mole that looked like they had tacos!  When we walked in, they tried to turn us away but I pleaded with the chef in Spanish that this was our 3rd attempt at trying to get food.  He folded and directed us towards the cashier lady.  Dulce and I promptly ordered 4 tacos de carne asada con todo for each.  Tony Too Sweet was a complete gentleman for sponsoring the meal and then we headed to the salsa bar!

We stoked up on spiciness, got our tacos and were on our way.  Except when we sat down on the back of Dulce’s truck there were no tacos in our box!  We were handed a Nacho Supreme order!  So I decided to put the cleavage to use again and made my way back inside.  The crew forgot to lock to the door, so I waltzed my tush right in but saw no one!  I followed the voices to the patio where they were sitting there smoking a bowl.  Que bonitos!  I excused myself to make my presence known and told them the nachos were good but we ordered tacos (followed by a puppy eye pout).  One of the guys jumped to his feet and was very apologetic.  I just wanted tacos, I told them, and I didn’t mean to rain on their party.  He understood so he made them on the spot!

Hooray!  Tacos make me happy!  So he served them up con todo: onions, cilantro, and hot sauce.  Since we were eating them outside, I asked for a tray instead of a to-go box and he was more than accommodative.

You could imagine the look on my friends face when he saw me I walking over with the tray of 8 tacos in my hand.  We sat down and chowed down!  They were so good!

If you are in Long Beach and need a late night taco delight, head over to Hole Mole.  They have 3 locations in Long Beach and 1 in Whittier.  I can only speak for the one on 4th Street which has convenient parking.  Mmm Wow!
Hole Mole Locations:
421 Obispo Avenue, Long Beach (562) 439-25551327
East 4th Street, Long Beach (562) 437-0878
5209 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach (562) 985-1005
12548 Washington, Whittier (562) 698-3187



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