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Taco Diaries presents Cilantro Mexican Grill

Introducing Taco Diaries, your taco review presented by Claudia, Jordanna, and Ortiz! We started things off with a hidden jem in the San Fernando Valley called Cilantro Mexican Grill. Tucked away in a gas station, this North Hollywood restaurant is famous for its Chicken Al Pastor and burritos. Enjoy!
Cilantro Mexican Grill is located at
7214 Whitsett Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Delicious and great on a budget!
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Vista L.A. & tacologist Patricia Lopez share their favorite tacos in L.A.

Dear Diary,

I am so happy to hear and see my dear friend Patricia LopezVista L.A. recently visited El Taco Nazo, one of our best rated taco spots in Los Angeles.  Now enjoy this video of them visiting their favorite taco places, discover more about our city, it’s tacos and the tacologist up to no good.  #InvitaCabrona

Taco Destinations in this post:

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