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The Perfect Date

Dear Diary,

We met at a pool party, so I guess you can say water brought us together.  Wet to begin with, now that is sexy!  The drinks were  flowing and my laughter invited him in.  He stayed, of course, for the package of delight.

The move to the jacuzzi is where it really went down.  We made a sopa de amor.  It was so spicy, we made people sweat!  The party was asking for more!

This is how Saturday started and turned into Sinday followed by MONday.

Sunday was our Sinday!  We indulged ourselves, inside and out.  Back and forth, over and over again only to surface for air.  The carne asada was the best!  I tried al pastor but my advice is pass on the pastor…  He had carne asada, al pastor and chorizo tacos.

The taco truck was not part of the plan but it did save the night.  We were supposed to go to the Alibi Room for Korean Tacos but unfortunately they take Sinday off too.

The live music at El Zacatecas took us to the dance floor and again center stage.  The fireworks were poppin’.  We were on fire!

I laughed because I couldn’t believe it.  Not only does he exist but he’s here with me and I’m in his arms.

The experience would not be complete without a reminder of the hazards of love…  On the walk back, stuck in the island of Venice, I took a wrong step and twisted my ankle.  But I could hardly feel the pain when he picked me up and kissed me.

Saying good bye gave new meaning to MONday Blues…

Now what?

Taco Truck Location: South Centinela Ave and Venice Blvd across from the Good Hurt

updates to come…


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