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Tacos La Fonda Truck, North Hollywood

Dear Diary,

Today my friend Inder and I went to North Hollywood to try what Patricia & Marco say are the best tacos…  EVER!  We worked up our appetite shopping, IKEA isn’t what it used to be…  And headed over to La Fonda Taco Truck.

This is one AMAZING taco!  They used Handmade tortillas, the Asada was yummy and I love it when the green salsa is spicier than the red…  It’s rare so CUIDADO!  I have a high tolerance for salsa.  The other green salsa that I know you know and love is King Taco.

I loved this place and look forward to going again.  If you’re hungry in the North Hollywood area, these tacos are a must!

It’s usually on Laurel Canyon near Victory, in front of the Bank of America or Vineland and Vanowen in the Car Wash lot 7 days a week from 6 – 11pm


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