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Taco Diaries presents Tacos El Venado

In this edition of Taco Diaries, we travel to the streets of North Hollywood for tacos estilo Guerrero. Tacos El Venado offers delicious al pastor with pineapple, homemade strawberry lemonade and a variety of delicious salsas. It was started by a brother & sister team 6 years ago and just celebrated 100K followers on instagram.

I recommend the queso taco al pastor with pineapple and the spicy red roasted salsa!

We went to one of 4 locations on the south side of Victory Boulevard near the corner where Lankershim meets Colfax.

Follow them on instagram @tacoselvenado

ūü¶Ć¬†#1¬†NoHo – 11702 Victory Blvd
ūü¶Ć¬†#2¬†Van Nuys – 6315 Sepulv. Blvd
ūü¶Ć¬†#3¬†sylmar – 14630 Hubbard st
ūü¶Ć¬†#4¬†Highland Park – York blvd & Ave 46

Thanks for the recommendations, send yours at tacodiaries@gmail.com or message us on social media!
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Taco Diaries on Instagram @TacoDiariesTV

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909 Edition


This weekend I enjoyed my baby tacos de la tortillera Flor De Mano in Fontana. A tortilleria is in fact a tortilla factory. My pleasure was 2 de asada & 1 de Al Pastor. Both were yum, the better was Al Pastor.

Yesterday I enjoyed the Chile Relleno Burrito (off menu), at the family run Kisco de Rialto. Followed immediately by delicious brews at the Hangar 24 in Redlands were we had the wedding pre-party.

Tonight we celebrate our friends wedding and yummy things to follow tomorrow as we go back to Redlands for Philipino Tacos at Sporkjam!

Reporting from the Jacuzzi. Amor y Paz!













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Taco Diaries goes live from Danny’s Tacos

Dear Diary,

Last night I had so much fun at the Calle 13 show, I continued the party with some of my favorite tacos. ¬†I asked my friends to send me their favorite taco joints and shared tickets and one of my favorite places in Downtown Los Angeles. ¬†Danny’s Tacos is a taco truck located on the corner of Grand Avenue and Olympic Boulevard, across from the Shell Gas Station.

My friends enjoyed asada and al pastor burritos while I ate my favorite tacos: asada, al pastor and chorizo. I love this place because they make handmade tortillas and they make a spicy green tomato salsa. I love salsas with tomatillos, tangy and spicy mmm… I also love love love that they fry serrano chiles and onions for that extra kick. Patricia and Milton were working the truck and did not reveal any culinary secrets but they did mention that¬†their style of cooking originates from the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

Enjoy the video, it was shot live with the help of my sister Ale.  Thanks Ale.

This is the first of many Taco Diaries on video, so please follow Taco Diaries on Qik  for live webcasts or subscribe to Taco Diaries on Youtube.

And please keep suggesting tacos, I’m always hungry.

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Free Hugs

Dear Diary,

Last night I gave free hugs to show my luv for the arts.. Musician/Composer/Singer/Songwriter Pilar Diaz is on a mission to go to the “Viva la Cancion” music festival with her crew Gloria and Tony. ¬†This will be an opportunity for Los Angeles Latinos to give Madrid some flavor and to participate in a relief support in the aftermath of the¬†devastating¬†earthquake in Chile. ¬†Pilar will be sharing the stage with Javiera Mena, Julio De La Rosa, Gabo, Gepe, Chinoy, and others yet to be announced. ¬†The Eastside Luv Vino y Queso bar in Boyle Heights hosted a fundraiser for this event last night that sold out the venue and had everyone dancing the night away to three of my favorite acts today: La Santa Cecilia, Pilar Diaz and Conjunto Nueva Ola. ¬†La Santa Cecilia was the first to take the stage with guitar solos by La Santa Gloria, our kickstarter recipient, while front woman Marisoul shimmied her way up and down the bar/stage, wooing her way to the dance pole for a song and spin. ¬†I love women that rock! ¬†They almost closed their set with a rendition of “Pump Up The Jam” by Salt n Peppa that fed the crowd for more… ¬†La Santa Cecilia delivered.

In the intermission, the Lousy Bunch made sure FREE HUGS were distributed, which gave me the opportunity to meet some of my facebook friends. ¬†Joseph Perez drove up from the OC to the bar for the first time to claim his free hug. ¬†He was extremely happy to be there and¬†couldn’t wait for Pilar to hit the stage.

Once she surfaced, we all knew we were in for a treat. ¬†A treat for our eyes and ears that has been a work in progress for about a decade. ¬†At least that’s how long I’ve been following her music journey, thanks in part to my LATV experience. ¬†She started with lucky number 13, Friday the 13th that is. ¬†As I watched her light up the stage with her song and dance performance, I couldn’t help imagining it all happening in Madrid for them. ¬†It was inspiring to say the least. ¬†I wish I could go.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, a bunch of masked hooligans take over the stage… When Conjunto Nueva Ola shows their luv, it’s overwhelming. ¬†Part comedy, part music, ALL show! ¬†I had flashbacks of things that never happened because I’ve never heard a Devo cumbia before, but it made sense. ¬†All my senses were dancing, singing and screaming “No te metas con mi cucu” and other favorites. ¬†Puro pinche pari! ¬†They hit the scene straight out of a Mexico City Quinceanera on roller skates and bedazzled lucha libre masks!

You can imagine how hungry I was after all this action! ¬†I had a pre and post show taco experience in East LA and Mid City. ¬†The first was with las Hermanas Torres on the corner of E. 1st and S. Breed St. ¬†The taco truck is open from 4-11:45 pm in two locations and accepts phone orders (323) 401-9847. ¬†They operate Thursday thru Sunday. ¬†They set up on the corner of E. 3rd St and S. Breed St. from 4-6:30 pm and on E. 1st St and S. Breed St from 6:30 pm – 11:45 pm. ¬†I enjoyed 2 tacos, ¬†carne asada and al pastor. ¬†I knew it was going to be good when I tried their cucumber salad: a combination of onion, lemon juice and herbs. ¬†I tried the brown salsa and pico de gallo but I had to eat on the run to make it early to the show. ¬†Eastside Luv can fill up fast and having a good seat makes a big difference. ¬†On our way to the venue, we also made a booze stop for a rare rum that my friend had to get his hands on. ¬†That’s where I bought the worst kind of beer I’ve ever had. ¬†Piraat Ale is a strong Belgiam ale that put some hairs on my chest. ¬†I poured it out before I started talking like a pirate.

The second taco stop was after the show near one of my drop off locations… Yes kids, we carpool, you should too. ¬†Tacos Leo on Venice and La Brea (323) 743-5207. ¬†Again, I had a carne asada and al pastor double take. ¬†And oh my goodness… I got some pineapple with my al pastor which is an authentic combination straight out of Michoacan! ¬†Everything was delicious until I topped my taco with a red sauce that turned out to be chipotle. ¬†I am not a fan of chipotle. ¬†The taste of roasted jalapenos is just too powerful and unfortunately doesn’t work for my¬†palette. ¬†I’m hoping to work on it but the tacos were stellar regardless. ¬†I will be back.

I hope Pilar and her crew make their goal and take Madrid by storm.

Show the luv, it’s contagious.

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The Perfect Date

Dear Diary,

We met at a pool party, so I guess you can say water brought us together.  Wet to begin with, now that is sexy!  The drinks were  flowing and my laughter invited him in.  He stayed, of course, for the package of delight.

The move to the jacuzzi is where it really went down.  We made a sopa de amor.  It was so spicy, we made people sweat!  The party was asking for more!

This is how Saturday started and turned into Sinday followed by MONday.

Sunday was our Sinday! ¬†We indulged ourselves, inside and out. ¬†Back and forth, over and over again only to¬†surface¬†for air. ¬†The carne asada was the best! ¬†I tried al pastor but my advice is pass on the pastor… ¬†He had carne asada, al pastor and chorizo tacos.

The taco truck was not part of the plan but it did save the night.  We were supposed to go to the Alibi Room for Korean Tacos but unfortunately they take Sinday off too.

The live music at El Zacatecas took us to the dance floor and again center stage. ¬†The fireworks were poppin’. ¬†We were on fire!

I laughed because I couldn’t believe it. ¬†Not only does he exist but he’s here with me and I’m in his arms.

The experience would not be complete without a reminder of the hazards of love… ¬†On the walk back, stuck in the island of Venice, I took a wrong step and twisted my ankle. ¬†But I could hardly feel the pain when he picked me up and kissed me.

Saying good bye gave new meaning to MONday Blues…

Now what?

Taco Truck Location: South Centinela Ave and Venice Blvd across from the Good Hurt

updates to come…

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Don Chuy’s Restaurant, West Los Angeles

Dear Diary,

I’m still full from my 3 tacos at Don Chuy’s.¬† I went with E3 and enjoyed a good beer.

I ordered 1 Asada, 1 Al Pastor and 1 Chorizo, she ordered the Enchiladas Poblanas and while we waited they gave us Pico de Gallo and it was so yummy!  It tasted like home, but then again the owner is from Leon, Guanajuato and my mom is from Celaya which is like an hour away, so the food would be similar.

The Pico de Gallo tasted fresh with lots of lemon but I can tell they used pickeled peppers (chiles en minagre).  The red salsa was spicy, but not my watery like usually.  I like my salsas with texture.  Their molcajete (roasted & grinded) salsa was good, thick and spicy!

The tortillas here tasted ok and are handmade but too thick and big for my taste.¬† And my favorite meats here are in order…¬† Chorizo, Al Pastor & Asada.¬† The Chorizo and Al Pastor tasted similar, more like Chorizo than anything really.¬† Al Pastor is best done estilo Michoacan.¬† The Asada was not very tasty.

I’ll go back, but not for the tacos.¬† The nopales, beans and service was good.¬† I should try other dishes…¬†¬†¬† The Enchiladas were ok.

Taco Tip!
If you do enjoy a good Taco de Chorizo, then head over there on Taco Tuesdays for 99 cent tacos!

11707 Washington Place West Los Angeles, Ca 90064

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