Birthday Tacos & Drinks!

Dear Diary,

Since my last post, I have become addicted to these Korean BBQ tacos everyone has been raving about. Honestly, The Alibi Room is so close and convenient that it makes it difficult to resist. So for my 32nd birthday I gave in! And invited friends and family to celebrate with me and my tacos.

Birthday Tacos and Drinks!

with the girls at The Alibi Room

I gave everyone my personal recommendation… kogi three taco combo: in this order, 1. bbq chicken 2. spicy pork and 3. short rib… all for $7. Save the best for last I say because the short rib is out of control delicious. Then you wash it all down with a yummy bottle of Hite beer you can share between two. Which I call the Korean Budweiser.

The tacos come in a corn tortilla slightly dipped in oil topped with slaw, cilantro, onions, and salsa roja. The salsa is not very spicy so most people can have it. And for those of you that are on vegetarian/pescatarian/macrobiotic diets… have no fear, my friend Julie tried the tofu tacos and said they were delicious!

Now the party was a little crazy because there was another birthday going on, so it got crowded very fast. I was so happy to be around my best friends as I make my way into my 30s. I was carrying two margaritas at one point.. But the night took us back to my place around 1:30AM for better conversation and live music. My last party guest arrived at 2:30AM!

Thank you all for joining me! Next year, I’m taking it back home!

The Alibi Room is a lounge with full bar and kogi menu open evenings except Sundays. It’s located at 12236 West Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 390-9300


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